First International Interactive Conference, Exhibition & Networking Meet

7th - 8th June 2019
New Delhi


Inspired by the success of the industry leaders, India's Fruit & Vegetable sector has continued its quest to reach the peak of the business. The country is already a second largest producer of Fruits and Vegetables in the world and biggest consumer as well. As per the report, the production has gone to 284 million tons of fruits and vegetables. This reflects the steady rise in per capita availability, consumption and demand. This persistent growth has attracted corporate houses to boost their investments and inclination in this domain. Also, it is reported that over one-third of the production of fresh produce valued at millions goes waste. However, we are still improving our handling of harvested produce, transportation, infrastructure, cold storage, processing units and building our business networks.

Fresh India Show 2019 is an exclusive platform, collectively with its three segments, i.e., Fresh India Exhibition, International Conference and Networking Meet. The event is aimed at strengthening the F&V industry in India and the entire Asian markets. Our vision would be to attract more than 400+ decision makers from different nations including the producers, wholesalers, importers, exporters, cold-chain & supporting industries. This will connect more than dozens of nations together providing a unique opportunity of exhibiting the complete range of their services and highlighting the key changes happening in markets. It will be ultimate platform which makes you understand the newest trends & best practices in production, supply, marketing, technology and demands. India Fresh produce industry leaders will help you to understand and measure those changes to take better business decisions during the event and provide you an opportunity to expand your businesses globally. Fresh produce economy is thriving and we invite you to join the initiative of vibrant industry and to be a part of this exciting journey.


India's fruits and vegetables wealth worth 13,3000 million get wasted every year. The lose is at least 30% in various stages from pre to post harvesting, logistic, distribution, Retailing, followed by the consumer. The System lack in many basics such as linkages from production to retail outlets. There is a lack of specialized infrastructure and research system also. India is short by 10 million tons of cold storage capacity due to which over 30% of agricultural produce goes waste every year. More than 20% of produce from fields is lost to poor post harvesting facilities and lack of cold chain infrastructure. India is the world's second largest fruit and vegetable producer encounters a waste of produce. Presence of large number of unorganized industry is results in making unorganized supply practices resulting in to inefficient profits.


  • Fresh Produce Future - Forecasting & Projection 2025
  • Success Models & Planning to Reach Global Consumer
  • Vogue of Consumer Demand for Traditional & Exotic fruits
  • Modernization - Aggregators & Delivery Systems
  • Practices to Enhance Marketing of Fruits & Vegetables
  • Factors Affecting Production, Supply chain, Storage and F&V Retailing
  • Business Growth & Inventory vs Pricing Analysis
  • Potential Developing Industries Connect
  • Fresh Cut & Packed - Ready to Serve Business Concept & Consumer Response
  • Positive Nutrition Impact on F&V Business
  • Agri Finance to Build more Assets & Expansions


  • Update on current happenings around the markets
  • Educate yourself about new products - within the whole supply chain ecosystem
  • Discover future trends and adopt new progressive techniques and technologies
  • Discuss the key areas of strength and opportunities within the Asian markets
  • Understand the factors underlying business fluctuations in the fresh produce Industry
  • Explore exciting opportunities in emerging markets and upcoming sectors
  • Know domestic products & consumption patterns
  • Chance to meet decision makers in government departments
  • Opportunity to meet business leaders personally and establish connections.
  • Enormous networking opportunities with key and niche players around the world

Presence in Show

  • Growers
  • Importers
  • Associations
  • Cold - chains
  • Bulk Buyers
  • Distributors
  • Exporters
  • Logistics
  • Wholesalers
  • Retailers
  • Govt. Authorities
  • FPO’s

Exhibitor Profile

  • Fresh Fruit & Vegetable growers
  • Horticulture Traders
  • Agri exporters, importers
  • Organic produces
  • Retailers & Aggregators
  • Greenhouse & Hydroponics Consultants
  • Agri biotechnology
  • Precision farming products supplier
  • Storage equipment & packing solutions
  • Central & States Government departments
  • Plastic trays & containers
  • Fruit & vegetables seeds & seedlings
  • Financial institutions/Bank
  • Process & packaging technology
  • Grading & sorting machinery
  • Wrapping, sealing & lamination equipment
  • Elevator and conveyors
  • Cold - chain equipment, Machinery & services
  • Cold room & Refrigeration appliances
  • Perishable cargo handling
  • Support Services